Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cooking Fanatic

So, the honeymoon is over and it's on to real life!  Pictures of the honeymoon can be found on facebook.  Enjoy.  Real life so far has consisted of me dropping out of grad school (just didn't feel right once I got there), being the victim of fraud and losing $2,200, job hunting all day every day with my husband, getting called to work in the nursery at church, making couple friends, and cooking lots and lots of good food. Jackson thinks I should start a cooking blog.  I'm not sure if I have what it takes.  But as of right now, as an unemployed new wife, I have been finding satisfaction in cooking something different and delicious each and every day.  This of course makes for one VERY happy husband.  That's just a side benefit.  I'm still not sure if I do it for him or for me - I happen to LOVE food as well.

Mealtime is definitely an important event in our home.  We already have a bit of a routine: I typically get to work in the kitchen throwing ingredients together and assign Jackson tasks like stirring, chopping, and setting the table.  He must have picked up some pointers from the cruise ship because he is one professional table setter.  He puts our dishes out just-so on top of our placemats, folds our cloth napkins, sets our silverware out precisely, lights the candles, and dims the lights.  We're enjoying our candle lit dinners while we can before kiddos come into the picture!  Below are some pictures of what we've been feasting on:
These are just frozen breaded fish fillets but I spiced them up by rubbing
a mix of butter, parmesan, and italian spices over the top and then topping
them with tomato slices and mozarella cheese.  They were delicious!

Pancakes with Boysenberry Syrup!
Ramen stir-fry.  Simple and amazingly tasty! I cooked ramen with less water than it called for,
and cooked veggies (snow peas, green pepper, carrots, onion) in with the hamburger meat.
I threw it all together, added the ramen seasoning, as well as some other spices, soy sauce,
a bit of ketchup, and oila!  Cheap, easy, and SO GOOD!
Shrimp Alfredo.  I mixed in some red bell pepper and served it with broccoli and a salad. 

Pork Chops with a White Whine Mushroom Sauce
Served with Lima Beans and Fried Potatoes 
Jackson is REALLY excited, he hasn´t had this
since his mission! 
Gnocci/Ñoquis - A potato based pasta served with a red sauce...
I have to brag about the sauce in this, it was the best I´ve ever made!
Brazilian Chicken over Rice served with Chips and Guacamole

Chicken Mozzarella Bake... I LOVE casseroles!
This one had rice, chicken, corn, onion, and red peppers among other things.

Pot Roast with Potatoes/Carrots and Gravy.  Served with homemade bread and jam.

So, there's a look into the Calame Kitchen.  It's fun and tasty but makes for lots of dishes!  Here's a picture of our little kitchen where all of this magic happens: 


  1. You guys are eating some serious food! Did you make your own gnocchi (fyi- means "knees" in Italian)? Its a tricky one to get perfect. Oh, and when you say the honeymoon is over, you didn't mean that. You are having fancy dinners together that you both spent quite a bit of time preparing, served by candlelight. I would stay you are very much on a honeymoon still.

  2. We didn't make our own gnocchi, although I want too. You're right, our honeymoon isn't over. :) Although, now that I'm working full time dinners are a bit quicker and our candles have all burned down... but the food is still good. So good in fact that I'm starting a special blog. It's intense. More to come soon. :)